Shri Shiv Shakti Education Society (SSSES), founded in 1982, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to Education, sustainable livelihoods, Empowerment and Enlightenment of youth through knowledge, innovation and transformative actions. Our passion is to bring about solutions at a scale that eliminate inequities and marginalization and poverty.

Our core competence is End to End solution from providing excellence education to get the employment. towards this, we develop market-based models of development building on community strengths and involved in the field of training, capacity building of youth, mobilization of community, women empowerment, CSR, Awareness progress. SSSES has achieved the prestigious opportunity to work with ministry of finance, Skill development & Entreprenourship and GoI.

SSSES has active in 18 state and UT's have successfully established our presence within the states through various programms and projects. As one of the leading NGOs in the Education sector in India that works for transforming youth to empower nation. we strongly believe that the nation’s strength and future lies in the hands of its youth. Unlike the developed countries where 90% youth opt for some or the other sort of vocational training, less than 5% undergo vocational training in our country despite the fact that India is a country with the largest youth population.


Under the leadership of Hon. Prime Minister of India, Skill Development has been spelt out as the need of the hour and for this purpose the target of creating 500 million skilled people by 2022 has been set. In line with the Hon. Prime Minister’s vision, Government of Maharashtra also has prioritized the Skill Development mission and set a vision of equipping 45 million persons with employable skills by the year 2021.

With its contribution of 13% to the Gross Domestic Product & with a share of 9.28% in the national population, Government of Maharashtra has set a vision of equipping 45 million persons with employable skills by the year 2021.


To provide excellence vocational training to the urban & rural youths from poor state of society through a unique & Innovative learning process and empower them to Live better quality of Life with the organization mission statement “ Transforming Youth, Empowering Nation”.

Our immediate goal is to catalyze the transformation of 2 million youth in India by 2022 and move them out of the poverty trap.

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